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In an age oversaturated with information, it’s essential to filter valuable data effectively. Intrepid Explorer was developed to enhance your investment methods by providing a straightforward interface where one search can reveal impactful results.

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Intrepid Explorer is akin to having a dedicated research team at your fingertips.


Each project undergoes daily evaluations, yielding simple call and score signals


Developed for investors navigating both short-term and long-term investment


Powered by a robust algorithm that utilizes multiple data points

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Let Intrepid Explorer be your compass in the diverse and dynamic world of crypto investing. Elevate your decision-making, mitigate risks, and optimize returns with unparalleled simplicity and precision. Welcome to a new dimension of informed and intelligent investing!

Scoring System

Receive instant, clear, and actionable investment recommendations based on a calculated scoring system.





-100 – (-1)


0 – 64


65 – 100

Project Profile

Our proprietary algorithm evaluates the following data points to determine a project's viability

Team Public

Team Members

Team PhD

Team Developers

Team Source Trust Score

Live Products


Venture Capital


Trading Start Date


Inflation in 2 years

Inflation in 5 years

Token Burns

Revenue Sharing

Current Market Cap

Delta Market Cap

Price at Review

Alts Market Cap at Review

Price Change in 90 days

Project All-Time High

Project All-Time Low

Stake APY

Explorer Report

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Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Intrepid Explorer was developed to evaluate crypto projects. By inputting or selecting a project's ticker symbol, users will receive a score generated by the app's proprietary algorithm. This score, which ranges between -100 and 100, offers an assessment of the project and provides users with a recommended action. The recommendations are categorized as:

  • Sell (-100 ) - (-1)
  • Neutral: 0 - 64
  • Buy 65 - 100

The aim of Intrepid Explorer is to give users an analytical perspective on projects and to help them make more informed investment or trading decisions.

There are 3 ways to access Intrepid Explorer:

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Patreon Subscription
  • Lifetime Subscription (Buying and Holding 250 INT Tokens)
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The app operates by employing mathematical correlations, utilizing formulas such as Bayes' theorem, to analyze the relationship between a project's performance and its fundamental attributes. We collect data on a project at a specific point in time, examining how various attributes relate to its performance. The app assigns scores to projects: higher scores indicate a positive correlation with attributes historically associated with higher return on investment (ROI), while lower scores suggest a link with attributes typically leading to poor performance. However, these scores are not definitive predictions of a project's success or failure. They merely reflect the likelihood of outcomes based on past data trends. The current version of the app is grounded in mathematical and statistical analyses. Soon after its launch, we plan to enhance its capabilities with machine learning upgrades.

While no investment tool on the market can guarantee 100% reliability, Intrepid Explorer stands out. Our platform utilizes a proprietary algorithm that analyzes key fundamental data points. When these are compared to other successful projects, they've demonstrated consistent patterns of success and stability. Our algorithm draws from a broad spectrum of factors, constantly refining its criteria to stay updated with the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Intrepid Explorer is founded on intelligent research, and is regularly updated to ensure that results remain as precise as possible. However, given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, risks are inherent. So, while Intrepid Explorer provides an in-depth and comprehensive assessment, users are always encouraged to conduct their own research and consider various information sources before making any investment decisions.

Currently, Intrepid Explorer is better suited for long term investing. However, we are in the process of developing a short term version within the coming months.

Most data points are updated on a weekly basis.

Intrepidgains is a community run initiative for correlative research to attain the highest risk adjusted returns in the digital asset space.

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The ultimate goal for Intrepidgains community is to form a DAO. As such, we encourage all current and future community members to submit their suggestions.

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BTR Partnership grants us access to seed round investing

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All major initiatives by Intrepid will be subject to voting rights

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Lifetime access to Intrepid Explorer App

Portfolio Exposure

Exposure to DAO Investment Portfolio

Token Growth

INT Token Value Appreciation via buy and burn initiatives

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Access to a Network of Investors Sharing Similar Interests and Goals

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Buy and hold 250 INT Tokens

INT Deflation Strategies

Strategic Token Reduction through Community Governance

DAO Fund

Our tactical plan involves selling these assets at optimal market conditions to maximize returns. The profits will be staked and interest accrued used to buy and burn INT tokens.

Revenue Allocation

A designated percentage of the revenues from Intrepid Explorer will be used towards burning and burning INT tokens.

Patreon Proceeds

A portion of proceeds from Patreon will be used to buy and burn tokens.

Uniswap Liquidity Pool

Fees generated from the Uniswap liquidity pool will be used to buy and burn INT tokens.

Innovative Supply Reduction Strategies

We are actively exploring and developing innovative methods to further diminish the circulating supply of INT tokens. These strategies are designed to bolster the token's scarcity and thereby its market value.





Subscription managed natively.

  • Access to Intrepid Explorer
  • Unlimited Project Searches
  • 1 Daily Project Request
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Subscription managed through Patreon.

  • Access to Intrepid Explorer
  • Unlimited Project Searches
  • 1 Daily Project Request
    (for projects outside our evolving database)
  • Exclusive content
  • Portfolio allocations and rebalancing alerts

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  • Lifetime Access to Intrepid Explorer
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Meet the Team

Reshaping Crypto Investing

Michael McClain

Michael McClain


Carlos Montalvo

Carlos Montalvo

Project Manager

Prabal Dey

Prabal Dey

Lead Developer

Prabal Dey

Ezra Chomak

Data Acquisition Manager

Beta Testers

As someone who's been in the crypto game for a while, I've tried all sorts of tools and platforms, but nothing comes close to Intrepid Explorer. It's like having a crypto oracle right at my fingertips!

As someone who used to spend hours researching various cryptos, this app has made my decision-making process so much easier. I simply input a ticker, and within seconds, it provides me with a clear score, helping me gauge whether to buy or sell. It's drastically improved the efficiency of my investing strategy.

I was initially skeptical about Intrepid Explorer, but after trying it out, I'm genuinely impressed. In the fast-paced world of crypto, making informed decisions quickly is crucial. The app delivers a straightforward score, cutting through the noise and giving me clarity on potential investments. It's not just about buying and selling; it's about investing with confidence.